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A Strong Foundation of Permanent Protection

With a guaranteed death benefit that will not decrease, a premium guaranteed not to increase and cash value that earns a guaranteed interest rate, whole life insurance can create a good foundation of traditional insurance. Whole life insurance provides permanent lifetime protection for those you care about. No matter when you die, as long as your premiums are paid, your beneficiaries will receive the money they need and generally won’t owe income taxes on those funds.

Guaranteed Cash Value Growth

Whole life insurance builds cash value at a guaranteed interest rate. The policy cash value grows tax-deferred, which can help you accumulate even more over the long term. While it may reduce the amount of death benefit your policy provides, you may be able to use the policy’s cash value to help pay for college, to supplement your income during retirement or for other financial needs.

While not guaranteed, whole life policies generally receive annual dividends, which can be used to build cash value, to increase the policy’s death benefit or to reduce the number or amount of premiums.

Custom Coverage 

Your life insurance needs are as unique as you are so you can customize your policy to meet your needs and you can make changes as your life changes.

Whole life insurances may be a good fit for you if you can commit to paying an ongoing level premium and are looking for protection to last a lifetime. It offers strong policy guarantees and cash value that grows with a conservative approach. Learn more by reviewing the product materials and contact a financial professional.

Note:  Here is a very informative article by Richard Miller, president of T&M Financial and highly esteemed financial expert.

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